Nothing is sweeter…

than a fully ripe, freshly picked strawberry. Seriously, I think they are one of my favorite things in the world. A store-bought, mostly white strawberry shouldn’t even be called the same fruit a garden-fresh summer berry.

Today we picked 5 pounds of strawberries from our garden. 5 pounds. I couldn’t believe it. A few years ago we could barely get strawberries to grow and now we are picking enough to eat, bake with, and freeze. Check out the harvest below. We also picked our first batch of cherries. Last year the birds ate all the cherries, but this year we were smarter than the birds and put up a net. (Although now we can’t get to the cherries very well either :). )

I have big plans for some of the strawberries I picked. We froze most of them, but I carefully set aside a few cups because I have a special recipe in mind. I am planning on posting this recipe (if it turns out) next week, so come back for that.

Enjoy the weekend, and God bless,


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