Hiking in Scotland

This weekend, when I was in Scotland, I got to go on a hike in the Scottish midlands near Loch Lomond. The hike was about four miles long and we ascended about 1000 feet. The land was beautiful: it is very wet there, so it was sooo green. We passed through farmland (they raise A LOT of sheep here), moorland, plantation, a forest, and mountain-land. This was probably my favorite thing that I have done so far (but, no doubt, I’ll be saying that a lot.) It felt so good to be out of the city and see the landscape. It was good to be in a place where you could see further than 20 feet ahead of you. The cities I have been in have been beautiful, but they are a little clausterphobic because you are always surrounded by buildings. We had perfect weather and the area was beautiful. Here are some pictures from the excursion:

^ We climbed up to the top of this mountain (hill?) to see the views below. When we got to the top it was so windy that I was afraid it would blow someone down the side of the mountain.


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