For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:17

This is a pretty common verse from a very common book in the bible. These words are usually used to refer to the need to replace our desire for earthly material goods with a desire for heaven. And rightly so. The preceeding lines of Matthew talk about earthly treasures that moths and rust cannot destroy. It is good for us to read this verse in that light. It causes me to reexamine my attitude towards my possesions. It is so easy in this world to get caught up in wanting more and more material things. But, here we are being told that these things don’t last. Yes, I get it.

But today I read this passage in a different light. Not only does Christ want us to stop putting our value into the material goods of this world, but he also wants us to stop placing our treasure in the other “things” of this world. Humans idolize so many non-material things that are only of this earth. It is a little harder to come to terms with this verse in this light because we may not be as aware that we are affected by these things in this way. We invest our time and our treasure into earthly things like academic/career success, social status, and life accomplishments.  Now, these things aren’t bad in themselves, but if we place our treasure there, that is where our heart will be. And those things don’t last. You have to leave those things here when you go.

So, pray with me today. Pray that the Lord may show you where you have placed your treasure. Pray that He help you to believe that you want your heart to be in Him. And pray for the assistance and the grace to start moving your treasure there.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:17

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