Looking Out

I glance up and look out the window of the library and the rain is still pouring down. Does it ever stop? I wonder. I know it does, because we had sun yesterday, but as another day of grey rain progresses, I feel like it will never end. But, for this moment, I don’t mind. For now, I am inside looking out. The rain is good, really. It keeps the grass and other vegetation here shades of green that I have never seen outdoors in July before. I admire the perfectly trimmed lawn and bright sprays of flowers overflowing from the garden. If feels, to me, like April, not July. I have been transported back in time. Right now, in Minnesota it is hot and dry, dangerous conditions for all those who make their livings from growing things. I wish I could send some of this rain their direction, and steal a little of their sun, but I can’t.

It’s raining harder now and I am thankful that I am safely enclosed within the walls and windows of the library. As I sit with my books, taking notes and reading page after page, I am transported back in time and I wonder how many students before me have sat at this exact same window and been transfixed by the rain. It is a curious thought. How many hours have other students studied at this exact spot? How many grand ideas were thought up by someone sitting in this very chair? How much inspiration does this view hold?

I will never know the answers to those questions, but I don’t really need to. I could let my imagination run wild with the possibilites, but for now, I will just add one more to the number of people who have sat in this very spot. I’ll be one more girl, sitting here at this window, filling my head with knowledge.

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