Dublin: Day One

My  journey from Cambridge to Dublin was a long and interesting one. Instead of flying (the convenient and fast method of transportation) my friends and I took the train (the cheap and scenic method.) We definitely got see more by taking the train, but it was a long and tiring journey. We took the train from Cambridge to the coast in Wales and then took a ferry over to Ireland.

The sunrise over Dublin from the ferry.

We got into Dublin at 7:00 and found a place to eat. We were exhausted because we only got about 3 hours of sleep while we were traveling, so we decided to take a bus tour of the city. That turned out to be a really good idea because we got to see a lot of things and we were able to decide where we wanted to go back and visit.

In the afternoon we met up with some other friends and then visited Trinity College, one of the main universities in Dublin. All of the rest of the images in this post are from Trinity. We walked around the college and then decided to go to dinner. We went back to the hostel early in the evening because everyone was so exhausted from traveling. We got to do a lot more on our second day in Dublin, which I will post soon.


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