Dublin: Day 2

Our second day in Dublin was a lot better than our first because we got a good night’s sleep. The hostel was quiet and we were so exhausted that we all slept well. After having been on the tour the day before, we knew what we wanted to see on our one full day in Dublin. Our first stop was the Christ Church Cathedral. It was too early to go inside, but I got to see the outside of the beautiful building:

Then we walked by St. Patricks Cathedral:

Then we took the bus to the Guiness Storehouse for a tour. The store house used to be a brewery before it was turned into a museum. It is a very fancy museum that showed all the ingredients and steps for brewing beer. It also told the story of Arthur Guiness, the man who risked everything to brew stout instead of lager and was rewarded for that. From the dramatic words of one of the signs at the museum:

Our story begins in the year 1759 with a man named Arthur Guiness. Arthur was a good man, an Irishman full of fervour and fire. Undaunted, he chose to walk down roads where few men would dare to venture. First, he took a lease on a run-down old brewery, that would last for a mere 9000 years. And while the masses drank ale, Arthur chose the unknown. He chose to roast his barley to unearth more soul. [It was a] brave decision indeed for a man playing with fire. But then, something happened. Something just sparked. Being bold paid off. And his new black beer started to surge into the world. From there, the wave just grew and grew and grew into the most distinctive beer in the world. Now, you may ask what exactly is it about this black stuff swirling in your hand that reflects who you are? Is it that indefinable something that stirs deep within? The will to step up? Make no mistake. This beer says as much about the man who holds the glass as the man whose name is on it. It contains the same fire, the same story, the same soul: There are those who do. And there are those who are made of more.

They take their beer very seriously at the Guiness factory (as evidenced above.) When we were done looking at the museum, we headed to the Gravity Bar (on the 7th floor) for a view of the city and a pint of Guiness.

This waterfall was part of the first part of the museum that showed the ingredients for beer.

A portion of the 360 degeree view of Dublin from the Gravity Bar.

After the Guiness factory, we went to the Kilmainham Gaol. The Gaol (jail) had a good exhibit about the Irish free state movement and the Easter Rising of 1916. I didn’t know very much about Irish history, so it was really good to go to this exhibit. We also took a tour of the jail and learned about its famous prisoners and the history of prison reform.

The new portion of the jail with natural lighting and a design that allowed the warden to see every cell from one spot in the room.

After the jail, I went to mass at the St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral. I forgot to take a picture of that church, but it was incredible. The music for mass was done by a group called Pro Nuova and was so beautiful. It has been fun to go to a variety of churches while I have been traveling around. After mass, we went to dinner, and then turned in early to the hostel for a game of Irish Monopoly (where you pay with Euros and trade streets in Dublin.) I wish I got more time to spend in Dublin, but I know it is a city I want to come back and visit again becuase there is so much to do and see. Tomorrow I will post pictures from my journey back to England. Stay tuned for this weekend’s adventures of Norwich and London, which will be coming soon.

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