Introduction #3

As I have said the last two days, one of our assignments for my travel writing class was to write introductions. We read three styles of introductions written by three different authors and then we had to use those as models for writing our own introductions. This piece is modeled after the way Charles Dickens began his book The Uncommercial Traveler.

Who am I?

Let me first start by telling you who I am not.

I am not a wandering spirit. I am not here because I want to move here someday. I am not here to get my foot in the door for graduate school. I am not here to stay forever. I am not here with a friend. I do not know anyone here.

But I am still here.


I am here to learn, both about myself and the world. I am here to live. I am here so that I can learn from and about others. I am here to explore. I am here to experience.  I am here to meet people. I am here to broaden my horizons. I am here to do something different. I am here to study. I am here to see.

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