Leaving Home

Dear Teresa,

As I look back at the first pages of my journal from this trip, I want to tell you that it will all work out. Don’t worry about packing, maps, and tube stops. All the uncertainties will turn into the biggest adventure of your life.

So, this is the first page. What kind of adventures will fill the following pages? Who will frequent the lines and what places will be mentioned again and again? Will I even make time to write it down?

You cannot imagine the adventures that you will have on this trip. You will make new friends, some closer than others, and you will find a few places (like the CUS café, the Pembroke library, and the church) that will come to feel like home. Are you ready?

What an adventure this will be. How do I feel about it now? I am definitely both excited and nervous at the same time. I know it is going to be an incredible time, but it is a little nerve-wracking to look forward to eight weeks in another country. What an adventure this will be.

You are right; this is an incredible adventure. It is interesting now to look back at what I felt when I was coming here. I am feeling similarly about going back home now; I am both excited and nervous. It will be another big change to adjust back to living at home.

So here I am at 35,000 feet above the earth, hurtling through the air at 500 miles per hour. We will arrive at Heathrow in about half an hour. I figured out that the total distance between Minneapolis and London is 4000 miles.

It is hard to even understand that kind of distance: four-thousand miles. Actually, the physical distance won’t seem as far with email and Skype. It will be the six hour time-difference that makes your family seem so far away, but that will cause you to savor the time you do get with them.

 The whole trip is real now that I am actually on the flight. I have seen and read about London so many times in movies and books and now I get to see it in person. I am excited to see the city, meet the other students in my program, and learn more about what I will be doing in the next eight weeks.

Contrary to what you think now, you actually won’t like London when you first get there. The city will be too big and crowded. But you will get used to it, and by the time you go home, it will have a special place in your heart.

Above all, I wish I could tell you to take a deep breath, and know that it’s ok to be nervous and it’s ok to miss your family. You will love this trip. What an adventure this will be.


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