A new year and some old pictures

I was looking through some of my pictures from my trip abroad last summer and I realized that there are quite a few that I never shared here. As I type this it is 10 degrees Farenheit outside, so it warms me up to look at the sunny (or at least warm) days and reminicse about the fun times. I know that it is not as interesting to hear about and see pictures after my trip, but I would like to share some more pictures and stories (even if it is just for my own enjoyment). I will be keeping the blog posts short because it gets a little overwhelming to think about writing a huge post, but it is much easier to sit down and post a few pictures.

Tonight I am going to share a few pictures of the college that I lived in while I was at Cambridge. The colleges are a part of the university and this system is different than most American universities. There is a better explanation of colleges on the Cambridge website: http://www.cam.ac.uk/colleges/. For me, Pembroke college was the place where I lived, ate, and used the library. During the school year, it is the community that supports the students academically, socially, nutritionally, and in many other ways.

Each college has its own personality or “feel.” I was officially part of two colleges, both Pembroke and Kings, even though I lived in Pembroke. Pembroke was a Victorian era college with colorful gardens, cobblestone walkways, modest brick buildings, a clock tower, and winding arched staircases. Kings was a lot larger and more grand, with gothic spires, immense green lawns, and a huge chapel. Today I am going to share a few pictures of Pembroke college, the college that became my home away from home.






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