Prayers for the Banquet

0017 - PF1_8228

Last year’s banquet

Saint Paul’s Outreach New Jersey’s Annual Benefit Banquet is coming up this week. I am finishing up many last minute details for the event, so this week’s blog post will be short because there’s a lot to do before we greet guests at the banquet hall. This week is full of printing, organizing, picking up last-minute supplies, and coordinating with all the vendors. Your prayers are greatly appreciated as we approach the big event!

We can use prayers for

  • the guests to understand and have passion for the mission of SPO,
  • all the details of the event to go smoothly, and
  • the generosity of the guests of the banquet.

I am coming up on the end of the school year at Seton Hall, so next week I will share more about the end of the year and all the events we have for students as we approach the summer. It’s been a full but blessed time as things wrap up.

0058 - PF1_8402

Last year’s banquet


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