October Goals


Several other blogs that I have read lately have shared their monthly goals, both professionally and personally. To give you all a glimpse into what I’m trying to do on a daily basis, I’m going to do the same. Also, focusing on just a few goals will help me narrow down what I am working at this month. I just got married and moved across the country, so some days I feel like I am trying to do everything–from meal planning to event planning–better all at once. That’s hard! So, for October, this is what I want to focus on:

Professional Goals

Read The Joy of The Gospel by Pope Francis: Each of the missionaries on my team are reading at least one professional development book this semester. I have a couple on my list, so I want to finish one of them in October. Pope Francis’ book is up first!

Plan a manageable amount of things to do each day: I often plan WAY too many tasks for each day and then I end up moving many of them to the next day. I am trying to use my planner to only plan what I can actually complete in a day so that I don’t feel so overwhelmed at the end of each day.

Intentionally invest in relationships with students: Since I’ve been here I’ve been mainly focused on the administrative tasks and helping plan events and small groups. Those are important things, but I haven’t had (or made) much time for getting to know students. Building relationships with students is my favorite part of this job, so I can’t wait to make time for it.

Write 2 blog posts per week: I want to blog more regularly so I’m setting a goal of 2 times per week. One post will be regular length and the other will be really short, but I’m hoping you’ll get to hear from me a little more!

Personal Goals

Finish knitting Christmas stockings for Ben and I: Last month I took a class on knitting Christmas stockings at a local knitting class to meet new people. This month it’s my goal to finish the stockings and make name tags for them so that we’re ready for Christmas.

Figure out a routine for meal planning and grocery shopping: We need a plan so that we aren’t left hungry and frustrated at 5:30 pm when we get home and the chicken breasts are still in the freezer. This week I did meal prep on Sunday and planned 3 meals that will be made in the crockpot. It was magical to come home to chicken parmesan cooked and ready and it took us a record 18 minutes to heat spaghetti squash, boil green beans, set the table, and sit down to dinner. This is the first weeknight since we’ve been here that we were eating before 6pm. Now I have to figure out how to keep up the routine of planning and prepping ahead.

Start writing wedding thank you cards: This is something that I have been telling myself I can do after we get settled in Texas because it was too overwhelming to do with the move. Now we’re settled enough to start this project. It’ll take a while to write them all because I love writing notes and have a habit of writing a lot, but my goal for October is just to get them started.

Get a Texas drivers license with my new name on it: The state of Texas gives you 90 days to get a new license once you move here, so it’s about time to get started with the process. Plus, I just got my debit card with my new name on it, so my I.D. should probably match my bank cards.

So, that’s what I’m going to be up to for October. What are your goals?

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