We begin again…

We are starting up a new semester at Texas State. (Actually, I’m a little bit behind–we are on week 3 of the new semester.) There’s a lot going on as we start up again. This weekend we are putting on a retreat. It has been awesome to watch this retreat come together. It is almost entirely led by students. We have 12 students giving talks and testimonies and many other students leading teams to run small groups, transportation, registration, snacks, and many other things. It has been a different experience guiding students through the necessary tasks to prepare for the retreat (rather than doing them myself). But, it has been awesome to see the ownership and responsibility that students have by doing it this way.


Another thing I am excited for this semester is renewed focus on preparing students for the Christian life beyond college. This semester we are scaling back some of our big events so that we can focus on guiding students in learning how to build habits of prayer and community that they can take in the rest of their life. By focusing our resources and energy on the Household program and Formation program, we are seeking to build up a group of students that know and live a radical life for the Lord. We still want to invite new students into the things we are doing, but that will be primarily through building friendships rather than huge events.


Finally, Ben and I are looking forward to settling into life in Texas. We’ve been here almost six months and I am just starting to feel settled in. Our apartment is set up, I can drive most places I need to go without a GPS, and I am getting more used to the weather. I think the next six months of living here will be much more comfortable and calm, now that we have the transition of moving and getting married behind us. Last year I felt a lot more calm in the spring because I was used to living in New Jersey and I hope it’s the same this year in Texas.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written here, but thanks for reading my little updates. We can always use your prayers because we continued to be challenged and tested (both in our work and in marriage), but God has been faithful and good, even in challenging times. God Bless!

And, because a post without pictures is not as fun, here are some pictures from our last Lord’s Day Celebration of last semester:



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