Only 6 weeks left

Here we are on the other side of spring break with only six weeks left in the semester. The year has gone by so fast (even though it felt sooooo slow at times). I can’t believe we have been married eight months and in Texas for seven. It feels like it has been so much longer than that. We are adjusting to life in Texas and I am finally starting to feel at home here. It is really nice to be able to get places without using a gps and have favorite spots to recommend to visitors. I am making friends outside of work and finding things to do that are relaxing and restful. I have my classes that I go to at the gym, my knitting class that I go to on Thursday afternoons, and my favorite coffee shops to visit when I need to get work done or need motivation on a sleepy morning. It’s amazing to think that at this time last year, Ben and I didn’t know that we would be leaving New Jersey and coming to Texas. It’s amazing how much can happen in a year!

We have a lot going on this spring. Here are a few things that are coming up:


March and April are our months for visitors this year! We have 7 people staying with us  and 5 people visiting but not staying with us at different times throughout these two months. We are so excited to show everyone Texas. Three women that I worked with last year in New Jersey were here a few weeks ago and I got to show them around San Marcos, take them out for authentic tacos, go hiking at Enchanted Rock, and visit Zilker Park in Austin. We also had them over for dinner and we are excited to have them over to our apartment.

Ben’s parents came last week and my sister is coming next week. We are so excited to show our families around the places that we have come to love over the past seven months!



Our Patio

Over the past month, I have been working on making our patio a place that we can enjoy and love. Since we got here, we’ve used our patio only for storing our bikes, but as it has started warming up and feeling like spring, I decided to spruce it up. We found a place to lock the bikes outside the patio and then I was left with a six-foot by seven-foot concrete space with four-foot high walls surrounding it to use as a blank canvas. I started with plants because I’ve been wanting a place where I can grow vegetables to cook with. I bought big pots, filled them with soil, and chose plants to plant in them. We are now growing tomatoes, peppers, kale, spinach, onions, eggplant, strawberries, lavender, dill, sage, mint, and rosemary. There are no fruits or vegetables yet, but the plants are definitely getting bigger! We also bought two chairs and a little table so that we could eat meals out there. I hung up the lights we bought for Christmas. Now we have a little outdoor oasis to enjoy as the weather gets nicer. 🙂



Last week Ben and I headed on a short little vacation together. We went backpacking in Big Thicket National Preserve. We’ll be hiking for five days and four nights. We had fun planning meals, gathering our gear, and planning our route. It was good for us to have something that we love doing together to look forward to because it’s been hard to leave work at work when we work for the same place. Preparing for the trip has helped us to get excited about something we are doing together that is not related to work. Here are some photos!IMG_1251IMG_1256IMG_1266