Photo Friday: A Look From Above


I love flying. I love seeing the earth from above and trying to guess what is below based on little clues like bodies of water, the color of the vegetation, and major roads. It is a change in perspective that makes me think about how big our world is and how many people are out there trying to make a life out of what they have been given. Last weekend I got to fly home to Minnesota for Thanksgiving break and I took this picture of Minnesota as I was flying back. I think that the view from the plane looks even cooler with the snow. I had a wonderful trip home and it is crazy to think that I’ll be back there in just two weeks for Christmas break. So, this photo was a goodbye to Minnesota, but it won’t be long before I see this place again!


The First Week of Advent


It’s hard to believe that Advent is here already, but this past Sunday was the first Sunday of this season of preparation. Even the weather has been tricking me into thinking that it isn’t that late in the year. Up until last week, it has been sunny and 60 degrees in New Jersey and that makes it hard to believe that it is almost the holiday season.

Advent, the season of preparing for Christ’s birth, is a season that is overlooked by most of our world. We are so excited to celebrate Christmas (whether religiously or secularly) that we skip straight to the holiday. Even in November, stores are decorating their windows, people are putting up Christmas trees, and Christmas music is playing on the radio. Don’t get me wrong, I love all these things, and the last thing I want to do is to be a scrooge about Christmas. The desire to celebrate the holiday that marks Christ’s birth is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s a great thing. The problem is that in our excitement about Christmas, we skip over Advent and the period of waiting where we prepare for the Christ Child to enter this world.

The Catholic Church sees Advent as an important season of preparation and waiting: “The coming of God’s Son to earth is an event of such immensity that God willed to prepare for it over centuries.When the Church celebrates the liturgy of Advent each year, she makes present this ancient expectancy of the Messiah, for by sharing in the long preparation for the Savior’s first coming, the faithful renew their ardent desire for his second coming” (Catechism of the Catholic Church 522a,524a). This season not only prepares us to celebrate the feast of Christ’s historical birth, but also his presence in our world today and his second coming in the future. It is a season that prepares us for Him in the past, present, and future.

Prior to Christ’s birth, the world waited thousands of years for His coming. After his birth, the world has waited thousands of years for Him to come again. We only have to wait four weeks to celebrate his coming, and yet we still want to skip straight to His birth. I am challenging myself this year to enter into the season of Advent as an important time of preparation and waiting. I don’t like waiting, but the Lord builds it into our lives for a reason. Waiting stretches us and prepares us for the good things that are coming

Advent started this past Sunday. As it begins, I want to share some ways to enter into the season. Some of these I have done myself and some I have seen others do.


Advent is a perfect season to dive into scripture. There are so many parts of scripture that talk about waiting, especially about waiting for Christ. There are a lot of good books and resources out there to guide you through reading scripture. This year, I am doing a bible study through an app and website called She Reads Truth. They have done several Advent scripture studies (which are available on their app or website) and this year’s study (called Advent: Born Is The King) is specifically about how people in the Old Testament waited for Christ. I highly recommend any of their studies and Advent is the perfect season to commit to reading more scripture. Also, their is a very similar site, called He Reads Truth, with the same Advent study.

Another way to read scripture is to read the Catholic Church’s daily readings. You can find this readings on the USCCB website. I like to read the daily readings with a reflection, and I love the blog Blessed is She. I also used the book In Conversation with God last Advent and it has wonderful and thought-provoking reflections.




Advent is a great season for extra prayer. Not only should we prepare our homes and lives for the Lord, we also need to prepare our hearts for his coming. One great resource for this is the Liturgy of the Hours. The Liturgy of the Hours is a set of prayers that are said each morning, day, evening, and night by Priests and Religious all over the world. These prayers include psalms and readings for each day and time of day. You can buy a book with all the prayers, or you can use this site to read them. If you’d like to read more about these prayers, here is a more in-depth explanation.

Another good book for prayer is Jesus Calling. It is a book with daily reflections for the whole year, but it would be a perfect resource for prayer during the Advent season too. In fact, you can download the reflections for all the days of advent from the publisher’s website here. You have to submit your email address, but once you do that, you will be sent a link where you can download the Advent days of Jesus Calling.


I love Christmas decorating. It is one of my favorite times of the year when the boxes come out of the basement and the house becomes festive with lights, greenery, and ornaments. But, sometimes we decorate for Christmas before we event think about Advent. Try decorating for Advent this year, before you get carried away for Christmas. Use the colors purple, navy blue, and rose to remind yourself that you are still in a time of waiting. Advent wreaths are also great reminders of the season of waiting. In fact, they are the perfect decoration for waiting because you have to slowly light the candles, one each week, until all four candles are lit. Advent wreaths are easy to make, all you need is four candles. You can add branches, a wreath or other decorations, but don’t worry about making it fancy. Another Advent-specific decoration is the Jesse Tree. I’ve never made one of these myself, but I think they are a great way to reflect on biblical history while waiting for our Savior. Each day, you add one ornament that is a symbol of a story or event in the Old Testament. All of these stories relate to the coming of Christ and remind us that the world waited for Christ just as we are waiting to celebrate Christmas.

So, in this first week of Advent take a moment to reflect. Are you celebrating Christmas or Advent now? How can you embrace this season of waiting and preparation? How can you prepare your heart for the coming of our savior?

God Bless!

The Pope is Here!

Pope Francis Arrival

Yesterday, Pope Francis arrived in Washington, D.C. to begin his trip to the United States. He will be staying in Washington, D.C., New York City, and Philadelphia. A group of missionaries and students from Seton Hall will be traveling down to Philadelphia on Friday to see him at The World Meeting of the Families on Saturday. Watch my instagram account for more up-t0-date news about our trip to Philly (my instagram account also posts to my Facebook and Twitter). You can also see my latest pictures on the right-side column of my blog. It will be a crazy weekend and there will probably be bigger crowds than I have ever seen before, but it is going to a once-in-a-lifetime weekend.

If you want to follow along on social media, our SPO crew will be using the hashtag #SPOpeVisit. We will be tweeting from both the SPO National and SPO New Jersey Twitter accounts, which you can follow here:

SPO National Twitter

SPO New Jersey Twitter

For live streaming of all that the Pope is doing, check out the Vatican Youtube channel here: Vatican Youtube

A Glimpse of New Jersey

This post is long (very long) overdue. I’ve been in New Jersey for three weeks (as of today). SO much has been going on in the past three weeks that it would take pages to write about it all. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I am going to retell the highlights of the last few weeks in pictures. This is a long post, so stick with me!


Our road trip mascot driving through Wisconsin.

Driving through Ohio.

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Another driving picture, this time in West Virginia.

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Breakfast of champions: Taylor ham, egg, and cheese on an everything bagel with salt, pepper, and ketchup.

Working on admin work outside of the campus ministry offices.

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Setting up for the campus ministry barbecue in the SPO Women’s Household’s backyard. This event was awesome!

Cornhole tournament on the green.

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Trip to New York City. This is a picture of the Highline, which is a new park that was built from an old elevated train line.

A lego building art exhibition on the Highline in NYC.

A glimpse of Times Square. What a crazy place!

The train and ferry station in Hoboken, New Jersey. We took the train from here to get into NYC.

A view of New York City from Hoboken.

Nighttime view of the city from Hoboken.

As you can see, it has been a busy three weeks since I got to New Jersey. It has been a fairly smooth transition, though, and I have settled in to my new apartment on campus. I will share more about where I live and what I do for SPO next week. Thanks for taking a look at my first few weeks on the East Coast!

A New Journey

IMG_8170I started this blog to record and share my study abroad experience in 2012. Now, in 2015, I am embarking on another grand adventure, so I am resurrecting the blog for my latest journey.

On May 27th (only 12 days away!) I will begin working as a mission leader for Saint Paul’s Outreach. Saint Paul’s Outreach is an organization that ministers to college students and leads them in growing as Christians. As I begin this new journey, I am going to use this blog to share photos and stories as I move across the country and begin this new work and calling.

Over the summer I will write about how God led me to serve with Saint Paul’s Outreach, what I will be doing as a campus missionary, and how my journey is going so far. I will spend the summer in Saint Paul, Minnesota building a support team to fund and pray for my mission work. In August, I will attend training and work at an event called The School of New Evangelization (a conference for students from all over the country). After SNE, I will depart for one of SPO’s chapters (in New Jersey, Ohio, or Kansas.) Please pray for me as I prepare to begin this new chapter and embark on this crazy new journey!

P.S. I updated the look of the blog! I hope you like it 🙂