Nothing is sweeter…

than a fully ripe, freshly picked strawberry. Seriously, I think they are one of my favorite things in the world. A store-bought, mostly white strawberry shouldn’t even be called the same fruit a garden-fresh summer berry.

Today we picked 5 pounds of strawberries from our garden. 5 pounds. I couldn’t believe it. A few years ago we could barely get strawberries to grow and now we are picking enough to eat, bake with, and freeze. Check out the harvest below. We also picked our first batch of cherries. Last year the birds ate all the cherries, but this year we were smarter than the birds and put up a net. (Although now we can’t get to the cherries very well either :). )

I have big plans for some of the strawberries I picked. We froze most of them, but I carefully set aside a few cups because I have a special recipe in mind. I am planning on posting this recipe (if it turns out) next week, so come back for that.

Enjoy the weekend, and God bless,



Why am I doing this?

After reading a lot of blogs for a long time, I am finally starting one. Why? Well, if you ask that question, there is no simple and straightforward answer. I mean, I could give you a simple answer, but that wouldn’t really tell the whole story.

The simple answer is that I am going on the trip of a lifetime this summer, and I want a way to share what I am doing with people back home. That is simple. That is normal. That is average. (And great for a lot of people.) But, after a lot of deliberation, I decided that I don’t want it to end there. I want this to be more than an 8-week project. And there are several reasons for that.

1. Ivory Tower and practicing my writing

This past year, I have been on the staff of the Ivory Tower (my University’s undergraduate art and literary magazine.) This experience was incredible. I worked with so many wonderful people, learned an amazing amount, and produced a spectacular magazine (if I do say so myself. haha.) Through this class and a trip to the 2012 AWP (Association of Writers & Writing Programs) conference, I have learned a lot about publishing  and I want to try it out for myself. Prior to this class, I wasn’t much of a writer beyond class papers, but now I want to try writing about things that matter to me.  This blog is a way for me to have an outlet for my upcoming writing experiments and the artwork that I would like to publish. Which leads me to…

2. Photography

I love photography and have been seriously working on my photography skills since high school. For the last two summers, I have taken senior portraits and started my own small business. This summer I will be traveling in July and August, so I won’t be able to do senior photos. I need some kind of outlet for my work so that my photos don’t just spend their lives sitting on my hard drive. Also, having a place to share my photos encourages me to shoot more, which will make me a better photographer. It is definitely a win-win all around. (And there might, possibly, be some food photography to go along with some of the recipes that I want to post.)

3. My Faith

This year my faith has grown leaps and bounds. I am excited to share that with people as a student missionary with Saint Paul’s Outreach next fall, but in the meantime, I want to learn how to share my faith through my writing. I want to be honest about my faith and I hope that my sharing will be relevant to what some of my readers are going through. I also am really interested in how my faith impacts my beliefs in the environmental movement, and I think this blog will be a great platform to explore that.